Langston Hughes - May 27th

Langston Hughes --- poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist. Hughes is best known as a leader of the Harlem Renaissance. Langston's parents divorced when he was a baby, his father moved to Mexico to escape the racial prejudice that stopped him from practicing law, while his mother traveled around for work. From 1903 to 1915 he lived mostly with his grandmother, Mary Langston. Mary was a free black and one of the first women educated at Oberlin College in Ohio. She instilled a great sense of racial pride in the young Langston, before she died when he was 12. He lived with family friends and spent part of his teen years bouncing between both of his parents. Hughes earned a B.A. degree from Lincoln University in 1929 and was good friends with classmate Thurgood Marshall.

Langston Hughes

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