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The Facts:

1980, it is estimated that more than 500,000 children experience foster care every year. This means that today it is likely that nearly 15 million adults and children have been impacted by the child welfare system. This is nearly 5 percent of the US population, which is the equivalent of the Asian population in the country. Do you know someone impacted by foster care?

Foster care is an American story and arguably the greatest social justice crisis of our generation.


  •  More than 50 percent of former foster youth will be arrested or spend time in jail.
  •  One in four emancipated foster youth will live on the streets or in shelters.
  •  50 percent of foster youth will be unemployed and 33 percent will receive public assistance in their years following emancipation.
  •  37 percent of foster youth will not finish high school and less than 3 percent will earn a bachelor’s degree.
  •  Young women in foster care are six times more likely to become pregnant during their teenage years than their non-foster care peers.
  •  As a result of their exposure to violence and trauma, 25 percent of former foster youth are diagnosed with PTSD.

The math is clear... in health, public assistance, justice systems, and education, foster care is negatively over-represented... We must do better in helping our children fulfill their potential and achieve success.

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