Fostering Resiliency


Despite the circumstances some foster care alumni find the inner strength, support, and desire to
succeed. We believe that this can be replicated for all youth. We are currently conducting a research project to identify the common adaptive strategies used by foster youth to beat the odds. Having all experienced the trials of child welfare ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to synthesize this information through a lens of empathy and acceptance. By reframing our experience and focusing on our common cultural strengths and not our common failures we can build a sense of pride and an expectation of success.

trauma ≠ failure

Everyone will have a traumatic experience in their life, but can we as foster youth learn to embrace the trauma and build true emotional health?

resources + assets

Can we provide the right resources at the right time to help foster youth develop the assets needed to succeed? We all desire to be part of a group and members of a herd. Is the foster care group identity greater than race, sexuality, or gender?

At Fostering Change Network we believe that the answers to all of these questions are “yes”. Over the next few years we are working with the foster care community to prove our hypothesis and lay the foundation for reforming child welfare systems across the country.

To learn more about how you can participate in this movement email us at [email protected]

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