Alonzo Mourning - May 8th

Alonzo Mourning --- 7 times NBA All Star, 2 times NBA Defensive Player, 2 times All-NBA Team, 2 times NBA All Defensive Team winner and Gold medal winner in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. At the age of 10, "Zo's" parents divorced and the rebellious kid was sent to a group home and eventually to the home of retired schoolteacher, family friend and foster parent, Mrs. Threet. At any one time, Mrs. Threet and her husband fed a table of 9 (nine) other children. Zo said about his foster mom: “Fannie guided me every step of the way. Her message was always: You can do it. She is very loving, just amazing…She was there when I needed somebody to talk to and lean on. She gave me an opportunity to grow.” Mourning graduated with a sociology degree from Georgetown University.
Alonzo Mourning
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